Snapshots of Morristown’s Italian Community, Part II

by MCHS Staff
November 29, 2022

In 1982, when MCHS published New Neighbors, Old Friends, a book on Morristown’s Italian community, the book’s author donated nearly 1,000 images for the endeavor . Documenting weddings, family gatherings, clubs, social events, and every day life, the photos are an immersive portrait of the life of its members in the first half of the 20th century. Enjoy this look back at one of Morristown’s communities that helped shape the town’s unique history. For more from this remarkable collection, see Snapshots of Morristown’s Italian Community, Part I.

Top photo: Mrs. Anna Sylvester, wife of Vito, in grocery store with children Michael (behind counter), Joey, and Rose, 116 Spring Street, 1932

Jim Costanzo, the book’s author, with his wife Annie.


Mr. Vincent DiFalco, brother and two friends as a musical quartet.


Dominic Marenghi and family.


Construction of the Jewish Center, 1927, by BonTempo and D’Annunzio Construction Co.


Mr. and Mrs. Cozzi Gallo, 1920s


Mr. and Mrs. Pio Ciampaglio and family, about 1910


Mrs. Erminia Costanzo in front of Flagler St. store, 1935


Masons celebrating at party.


Tony Loia, age 85, roasting a turkey.


Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pennepede, 1920s


Mrs. DeBellonia around 1910


Nobile children on porch steps