Morristown Through the Lens of a Local Family

by MCHS Staff
October 11, 2022

Over the course of the summer, two of MCHS’s dedicated volunteers, John and Mary Lou Skillin, catalogued an collection of many hundreds of historic photographs donated from a family that lived in Morristown for generations. Below is a selection of their favorites.

Notation on back”: “Morristown Firemen’s Parade, Humane Pumper, Tom Flynn & JK Boniface”


1903 Morristown High School football team


Women’s sports.


The former Arnold’s Tavern at its original location on the Green.


Notation on back: “The pool & 3000 crowd.”


Notation on back: “Hanover, NJ Flying Field. These boys provide the thrills. Pilot Fred Clark of Royal Flying Corps (Canadian) does the loops & rolls, “Tex” Wilson on top wing does the wing walking and other stunts, & Eddie Gray dives out and trusts to luck tht his ‘shute’ opens.”


Spring Street


Civil War veterans of the NJ 15th Vol Regt at a 1929 reunion (l to r): Rev. W.W. Hammond, Jacob Lunger, E.A. Doty, and John WIlliamson


Corner of South St. and Elm.


Human Engine Co., Morristown Fire Dept.


Washington’s statue being erected across from Ford Mansion.




Speedwell Avenue