The Class of 1910

by Anne Motto, F.M. Kirby Curator of Collections
June 18, 2024

In what they described as the “first attempt at the production of a high school annual,” Morristown High School’s Class of 1910 reminisced on happy memories and looked forward to their future. Like generations of yearbook committees to follow, Elmer M. Applegit and Daniel C. Jensen “endeavored to produce a book of interesting pictures and information about our Alma Mater” and expressed their hope that “each student will find in it something that will, in future years, when school days are but dim memories, bring back bright thoughts of the happy years spent in Morristown High” – proving that, although removed from today’s graduates by over a century, in some ways, little has changed in the intervening years beyond clothes and hairstyles (and a propensity to quote Shakespeare and Milton over Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift).