Mueller Atlas of 1910: Hanover (photo blog)

by Anne Motto, Curator of Collections
September 12, 2023

In 1910, an atlas with the very catchy name of Atlas of Part of Morris Co., N.J. Embracing the Town of Morristown, The Boroughs of Madison, Florham Park, Chatham and Mendham, Morris Township and Parts of Chatham, Hanover, Mendham, and Passaic Townships was published by A.H. Mueller. Generally simply known as “The Mueller Atlas,” it was the third of Morris County, preceded by the Beers Atlas of 1868 and Robinson Atlas of 1887. It documents in great detail the location and footprints of local businesses, residences, and their outbuildings (including the many Gilded Age estates that dotted the landscape), providing a fascinating birds-eye view of Southeastern Morris County during the early 20th century. As the third in a series, this blog explores two plates in the atlas: Hanover Township, including what is today Morris Plains. 

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Plate 12: Hanover Township


Plate 12: Littleton, estate of Mrs. Peter H. Ballantine (top left), estate of Dr. D. Hunter McAlpin (brother-in-law of Geraldine Dodge, right)


Plate 12: Littleton Road (today aka Rt. 202) in what is now Morris Plains (incorporated 1926 from part of Hanover)


Plate 12: McEwan Bros, right (see also left side of photo 4)


Plate 12: Whippany 


Plate 12: Edwin Ford’s Fordville (bottom right). It was built in 1857 by Ira J. Lindsley of Morristown, who three year later transformed Acorn Hall from a basic Foursquare to the Italianate residence.


Plate 19: Hanover (Morris Plains)


Plate 19: Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Originally opened in 1876 as NJ State Hospital for the Insane.


Plate 19: Morris Plains (overlaps with image 2 from Plate 12)


Plate 19: Intersection of Hanover and Speedwell Avenues, Morris Plains