MCHS Anniversary Year: What It Means and What We Want to Accomplish

By Amy Curry, Executive Director
January 26, 2021

This year, Morris County Historical Society (MCHS) will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our incorporation. A milestone naturally brings about reflection, pride, and enthusiasm. MCHS is preparing and positioning itself to celebrate the anniversary with a slew of new initiatives, programs, and achievements that even COVID-19 can’t derail.

As with anyone celebrating 75 years, as an organization, MCHS can look back on its many significant experiences demonstrated in the depth and diversity of our collections. This year, in addition to the installation of an exhibition focused on the aspects of Morris County’s history represented by our collections items, many of our prized collections will be highlighted in blogs and our new “History Lunch Break” Zoom presentations. So, whether you’re here at the Hall, across the country, or in your living room here in NJ, you’ll be able to take part and learn more about the Morris County history as told by some of our most treasured objects.

2021 will also mark the near completion of the carriage house restoration. Housing our newest collection, the Morris County Architectural Study Collection, Acorn Hall’s carriage house is one of the few remaining middle-class utilitarian structures in Morristown. John Johnston’s 1886 “St. Cecilia” will also return from its year-long conservation this fall. Credited to John La Farge’s most treasured assistant, “St. Cecilia,” a local piece with national distinctions, will be put on permanent display inside Acorn Hall. In addition to our ongoing care of thousands of objects, these are just two examples of how MCHS lives its mission to preserve and promote Morris County History!

In this anniversary year, in particular, our goal is to instill a sense of pride in our membership, friends, and supporters. Also, a sense of recognition of what you have helped to build over the years. Whether you were there at the meeting in 1945 that established MCHS (thank you Reverend Lindsley), or you just became a member, you are helping us become one of the most well-recognized history organizations in NJ, with a rich and diverse collection second to none. Thank You!

Invitation to meeting on proposed historical society, 1945