International Travels of a Gilded Age Couple

by MCHS Staff
November 1, 2022

Soon after their marriage, Walter and Emma Stone Kemeys set sail for Europe, joined for at least part of their journey by Emma’s sister, Margaretta “Daisy” Stone Spedden, and her new husband, Frederic. Walter and Emma would ultimately spend a year and a half traveling abroad before returning to Morristown to build their estate, Tranquility. An album in MCHS’s archives chronicles the final four months of their journey as they toured from Bulgaria to Turkey to Sweden, concluding with the coronation of Edward VII in August 1902.


(l to r) “Chris”, Daisy, Fred, Emma & Walter, S.S. Celtic, 1902



Prince Ferdinand’s palace on opening day of parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria, May 5, 1902


“View from the Old Bridge” Constantinople (Istanbul), May 1902


Traveling by sedan, Constantinople, May 11, 1902


“The Captain boxing the compass on Black Sea, May 29, 1902”


“Diver building breakwater, Yalta, June ’02”


View of King Oscar II’s palace, Stockholm, July 9, 1902


Island near Stockholm, July 20, 1902


Coronation of Edward VII, August 9, 1902. Top left: the king’s carriage, Top right: Prince of Wales’s carriage, Bottom: guests leaving the ceremony