Floersheimer’s Custom Gowns

Tuesday, May 2 through Thursday, August 2

Jeanne Floersheimer’s collection of nine custom 1980s wedding gowns and accessories is on exhibit at Acorn Hall. The gowns in Floersheimer’s collection were designed by Paula Varsalona, who currently owns her own design studio on Seventh Avenue in New York City. All the dresses were samples from Floersheimer’s bridal shop, which was appropriately located in an old chapel on Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park. They represent the iconic styles of the 1980s: large off-the-shoulder sleeves, v-shaped necklines and bodice bottoms, and long trains.

Jeanne Floersheimer’s collection represents the glamour of a modern wedding without the tell-tale signs, and stains, of a reception. While these gowns never had their chance to ‘grace the aisle,’ they’re now having their time to shine!

Scantily Clad: Beachwear of the Early 20th Century

Sunday, June 3 through Thursday, August 2

MCHS is celebrating summer! Scantily Clad features bathing suits and accessories from the 1890s to the 1930s, including men’s, women’s, and children’s styles. Drawing exclusively from MCHS’s historic textile collection, this exhibit will get everyone in the mood for the beach.

While bathing suits seem to get smaller every year, leaving increasingly less to the imagination, it certainly wasn’t always this way. Beach-goers of the early 20th century could be found covered from head-to-toe in heavy fabrics, including wool. Women were known to add weights to their bathing suits so the loose fabric did not move when they entered the water. Police patrolled the beaches, measuring bathing suits to ensure they were proper length; violators risked being arrested for indecency.