The Cutting Edge: Medicine in Morris County, 1876 – 1976

Sunday, September 10 through Sunday, June 3, 2018

Our current exhibit highlights the role medicine played in Morris County’s history from 1876, the founding of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, to 1976, the Supreme Court hearing on Karen Ann Quinlan. The Cutting Edge includes the medical accomplishments of Acorn Hall resident Dr. James Leonard Corning, All Souls’ Hospital, Morristown Medical Center, and The Seeing Eye.

 The Good Work of Others: Dr. Evans’ Greystone Christmas

Sunday, December 3 through Sunday, January 7, 2018

This year’s annual Christmas celebration highlights the accomplishments of Dr. Britton Evans as he continued Thomas S. Kirkbride’s philosophies treating those who lived at Greystone and celebrates the Edwardian Christmas traditions of Dr. Evans’ tenure.

Greystone’s Medical Director for over 30 years, Dr. Evans oversaw the expansion of Greystone that accompanied exponential growth in patient populations. Despite the pressure, Dr. Evans provided a high quality patient life, especially during the Christmas season. Dressed as Santa Claus, Dr. Evans delivered personalized gifts to each patient, helping them to feel at ease and at home in their environs. Decorations, streamers, signs, presents, and huge Christmas trees lined the corridors.

Christmas at Acorn Hall features lavish early 20th Century Christmas decorations, period clothing from our textile collection, and nine rooms festively adorned.