Educational Initiatives

Morris County Historical Society maintains a strong working relationship with the NJ Consortium for Gifted & Talented Programs, Inc. Annually, students from all across Morris County participate in programs that introduce key concepts, such as primary research and the use of oral history, as means for studying and documenting local, regional, and national history.

‘My Town’ encouraged Morris County 4th grade students to investigate their own hometowns and document what made them so special… as they see it. The historical significance of towns such as Mendham, Morristown, Morris Plains, Chester, and Mt. Arlington was captured in photographs, documents, newspapers, and auto-biographies and then filtered through the lens of 9 & 10 year old students.

‘Living Voices’ exposed Morris County 7th & 8th graders to the power of oral histories in capturing events, time-periods, and places as they were witnessed and experienced. Students then melded the oldest form of historical record keeping, oral, to the latest 21st century technology. They publicly presented what they learned by those who lived it, making for a multi-disciplinary and engaging experience.